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Outside normal business hours, you can reach our vehicle telephone service on weekdays from 16:00 - 22:00 and on weekends and public holidays from 08:00 - 22:00 by calling the following number:
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Social commitment

Roland and Martina Arnold PARAVAN Foundation

“Nothing is any good unless it results in action” – we love to help people. Many institutions for disabled people, as well as associations, self-help groups, research institutes and clinics, have been able to implement projects with Roland Arnold’s support – for the benefit of people who truly do not have it easy in life. Among other things, the Bertelsmann Foundation has paid tribute to PARAVAN as a model company for social and community involvement in Germany.

Providing practical assistance

With our Roland & Martina Arnold Paravan Foundation, we are successfully implementing programmes that enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. The foundation also provides funding for education projects and makes it possible for children with disabilities and their families to enjoy special holidays. In addition, we provide funding for aids that make it easier for people with disabilities to become mobile, and we also organise individual consultation sessions – with expert involvement if necessary. In some situations, our activities also enable the creation of new jobs.

Establishing mobile independence

Living life to the fullest, despite having a disability: It sounds so easy yet it’s something few people affected by disabilities can imagine – for example families with a disabled child, or children, that receive no government support. Difficult situations are also faced by many other people, such as single mothers who have to care for a disabled child on top of work and running a household. The Roland & Martina Arnold Paravan Foundation is dedicated to providing targeted – and rapid – assistance in such situations. That means fast decisions, minimal administrative complexity, and maximum impact. This is how we help disabled children, young teenagers and adults in difficult circumstances, even as we continue to fund practically focused research.

The founders of the PARAVAN foundation
Roland and Martina Arnold
Examples of some projects we supported

2,000 Euros for TSG Reutlingen Inklusiv

The entrepreneurial couple Roland and Martina Arnold have two checks to present to TSG Reutlingen Inklusiv, each in the amount of 1,000 euros. One from the Roland and Martina Arnold PARAVAN Foundation and one from PARAVAN GmbH. The money is a contribution to the German Football Championship for footballers with mental disabilities, which will take place from May 14 to 17, 2023, and will be organized by the Württemberg Association of Sports for the Disabled and Rehabilitation (WBRS) and the city of Reutlingen together with TSG Reutlingen Inklusiv.


3,000 € for little Marlon

Marlon is 13 months old when he is diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2020, which changes everything for the Ott family from Walddorfhäslach... After complications during the difficult operation, the little boy is in a vegetative state. Father Manuel, known for the music duo "Manne & Danne", has taken unpaid time off to prepare the home environment for Marlon. What is to happen next? Unclear! So that little Marlon can soon return home, the Roland & Martina Arnold Paravan Foundation is supporting the family with 3,000 euros.



€5,000 to the DKMS for its “Lukas” campaign

Lukas has blood cancer. After having beaten the cancer one time, he was diagnosed with it again in the summer of 2018. It seems that Lukas will now only be able to survive if he can find someone somewhere in the world who has the same tissue characteristics as he does and is willing to donate stem cells. It was important to the Martina and Roland Arnold Paravan Foundation to help out by contributing to the DKMS campaign.

Paravan Stiftung Spende Fussballverein

Greater mobility for Felix

Felix and his family are now benefiting from funding for a barrier-free vehicle. The funding was made possible by the Paravan Foundation, which organised a benefit football match between the SSV Reutlingen 05 club and a selection of players from regional clubs. The proceeds, totalling €5,000, will be used by the family toward the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Spende an die Löwenaktion

“Aktion Löwenherz” campaign

The “Aktion Löwenherz” campaign in December 2015 was dedicated to enabling children with and without disabilities to participate in games and athletic activities together at the “Kunterbunt” integrative kindergarten in the town of Münsingen. The Martina and Roland Arnold Paravan Foundation made a Christmas donation of €3,000, which the kindergarten used to purchase six toy cars designed for use by children with disabilities, as well as a special climbing wall and a wooden sensory garden.

Spende Paravan an Krebskranke

€2,500 for children with cancer

The Chairman of the Roland and Martina Arnold PARAVAN Foundation, Roland Arnold, and his wife, foundation board member Martina Arnold, handed over a check for €2,500 to the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder (association for children with cancer) in Tübingen.

“It’s very important to us to do everything we can to help disabled children or children with cancer. They more than deserve any help we can give them in order to improve their quality of life.”

Spende von Paravan an Muskelkranke Verein

€500 donation for people with muscle diseases

PARAVAN donated €500 to the Förderverein der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V. (association for people suffering from muscle disease). Mr Brunnbauer accepted a cheque on behalf of the association from PARAVAN Managing Director Roland Arnold at the Aichelau mobility park.

Spende für Leukämiekranke

€1,000 for Tobias

Roland and Martina Arnold donated €1,000 to the typification campaign for Tobias Franzke from Münsingen, who suffers from leukaemia.

Donation account

Every donation helps to move!

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Account holder: Roland und Martina Arnold - PARAVAN-Stiftung

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