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The PARAVAN PR 25 power wheelchair

More flexible than any other electric wheelchair from PARAVAN

With our newest member of the PARAVAN electric wheelchair series, you can comfortably lower the seat to the ground. You can easily reach objects on the floor and children can play with others and be at the same height. Another unique feature is the ability to move the seat completely forward horizontally, which makes it easier to move around. In addition, the PR 25 is equipped as standard with an easy-to-use joystick control and an individually adaptable seat system that grows with the child.

Highlights at a glance

Seat-to-floor function

The seat of the PR 25 is lowered to the ground, allowing comfortable deep access.


Tilting forwards and backwards

The PR 25 has an electric tilting function to the front 20° and to the rear 50°. This is what flexibility looks like.


Lift me up

On request, the PR 25 can also be optionally equipped with an electric lift function. This keeps you at eye level.

Paravan Elektrorollstuhl R-Net Steuerung PR 30

Control system

Multifunctional available in two versions. Numerous individual functions programmable.

The PARAVAN PR 25: Your flexibility
Get ready to be thrilled
  • Electric wheelchair with seat-to-floor function
  • Low and comfortable entry height 
  • Driving in lifted state possible
  • Stepless seat adjustment in length and lowering
  • Very manoeuvrable, only 64 cm wide
  • Adaptive PARAVAN seat shell concept
Make it your own PR 25
  • Joystick control R-Net CJSM
  • Electrical track stabilization (optional)
  • Further controls optional
  • Special controls and environmental controls possible
  • Individual modern paint finishes
  • Floor docking for securing in the vehicle (optional)
  • Electr. tilt 50° to the rear, 20° to the front (optional)
  • Lift function (optional)
Need more information?

The Paravan PR 25 - Comfortable lowering right down to the floor

Hover, move, tilt - the electric wheelchair PR 25 from PARAVAN leaves nothing to be desired

With the seat of the electric wheelchair comfortably down to the ground, for some this is the only possibility to get into the wheelchair on their own, to reach things comfortably on the ground or to meet playmates at eye level. The new member of the PARAVAN PR wheelchair series - the PR 25 - makes it possible. A flexible and extremely manoeuvrable electric wheelchair with a width of only 64 cm has been created. Thanks to the electric height adjustment, the seat can be lowered down to a very low an comfortable entry height.

Sample calculation

Sample calculation for your

This offer includes the following basic equipment features:

  • Electric wheelchair with seat-to-floor function
  • Entry height of only 15 cm when seat is on the floor
  • Driving in lowered state possible
  • Driving in lifted state possible
  • R-Net control
  • ...And much more

Starting at 24.900,00 € net

Let’s get together to create the perfect wheelchair solution for you
Wheelchair product sheet

Equipment details, benefits and technical data


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