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Behindertengerechter Mercedes Sprinter mit ausgefahrenem Kassettenlift
PARAVAN Mercedes Sprinter
Plenty of room for innovation

PARAVAN Mercedes Sprinter

Plenty of room for all circumstances – a conversion for drivers and passengers who use wheelchairs.

Room for all situations in life - whether as a conversion for drivers or for passengers in wheelchairs. The handicapped accessible Mercedes Sprinter offers enough interior space for comfortable entry and handling in the vehicle. The Sprinter
conversion offers barrier-free access both from the side and from behind. With all conversion variants, up to 6 passengers can be accommodated in the vehicle by simply folding down the seats. Whether driving behind the steering wheel in a wheelchair or in the vehicle. This conversion offers the best
individual solution for everyone.


Behindertengerechtes Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cockpit
Behindertengerechter Mercedes Sprinter mit Transferkonsole Blick
Behindertengerecht umgebauter Mercedes Sprinter mit Sitzen und Sitzkonsolen
Highlights at a glance
Behindertengerechter Mercedes Sprinter mit Linearlift

Side and rear entry

The Paravan Sprinter conversion offers barrier-free entry from the side with the PARAVAN cassette lift, as well as from the rear.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter mit eingefahrenem Linearlift

Neat solutions

Those who wish to enter the Sprinter from the rear can rely on a powerful linear lift. One push of a button is all it takes to stow away the space-saving lift in the rear of the vehicle.

Behindertengerechter Mercedes Sprinter mit Transferkonsole

Transfer without getting wet

The PARAVAN transfer seat base is the perfect addition to the Mercedes Sprinter for all individuals who wish to transfer out of their wheelchair after they enter the vehicle.

PARAVAN Mercedes Sprinter: Your flexibility
The ideal solution for taller people, too

The seats in all conversion variants can be folded easily, enabling the vehicle to accommodate up to six passengers. Whether you wish to get behind the wheel with your wheelchair or transfer to a driver seat – this conversion offers the best solution for every requirement.

Bestuhlung Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Big, bigger, biggest
Specification: Dimension in mm:
Inside height: 1485 mm
Entry height: max. 1610 mm
Inside width: max. 1450 mm
Ramp width: diverse
Eye level height: 1410 mm
Ramp length: diverse


NOTE: The measurement and consumption information provided by the original manufacturer may no longer be correct after the conversion. The pictures shown may include special equipment.

Maßangaben Mercedes Benz Sprinter
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Your benefits
One conversion, many possibilities
  • Levelled entry into the vehicle
  • Spacious interior
  • Completely barrier-free interior
  • Electric sliding door with radio remote control
  • Perfect for tall wheelchair users
  • Comfortable entry with the PARAVAN cassette lift
  • The driver and front passenger seats are simple, quick and safe to install and remove, thanks to Paravan’s tried-and-tested seating system
  • Up to two wheelchair users can be transported simultaneously (fastenings in the driver and front passenger positions)
High-tech systems for your mobility
  • Individual driving and steering aids for primary and secondary functions (optional)
  • Paravan docking station on the driver’s and front passenger’s side (optional)
  • Paravan Voice Control system (optional)
  • Paravan Touch system + Touch app (optional)
  • Customised rear-entry solution available (optional)
  • Parktronic (optional)
  • Space Drive® II system (optional)
  • Third seat row is possible
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The PARAVAN Mercedes Sprinter conversion

The spacious Mercedes Sprinter offers people with disabilities numerous convenient mobility options.

In line with the PARAVAN concept of a “One-stop shop – everything under one roof”, the vehicle forms a perfect whole when combined with the successful PARAVAN wheelchair and PARAVAN docking station products. Additional comfort is ensured by the different Sprinter versions with a short, medium or long wheel base.

Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau Mercedes Sprinter von Paravan
Your independent mobility begins here
Vehicle product sheet
PARAVAN Mercedes Sprinter

Conversion features, benefits and technical data


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