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Paravan E-Rolli PR Heavy duty
The PARAVAN PR heavy duty
Simply a powerful wheelchair

PARAVAN PR heavy duty power wheelchair

The power wheelchair with an extra-strong chassis and a reinforced seat system

The strongest member of our range of power wheelchair solutions is the PR heavy duty. This power wheelchair model was specially developed with overweight people in mind. People weighing up to 300 kg have no problems getting about with the PR heavy Duty. The chassis has been widened, the wheelbase lengthened, and the structure strengthened. Seats measuring up to 70 cm in width can now be fitted on the chassis. According to the latest studies, patients are getting heavier and heavier. We are responding to this development with the new PARAVAN PR heavy duty.

Elektrischer Rollstuhl Paravan PR Heavy Duty
Elektrisch angetriebener Rollstuhl PR Heavy Duty von Paravan
E-Rolli Paravan Heavyduty heavy duty Rollstuhl für adipöse Menschen
Highlights at a glance
Elektrorollstuhl Heavy duty Rollstuhl für adipöse Menschen von Paravan

Strong load bearing capacity

With its load-bearing capacity of up to 300 kg, the PARAVAN PR Heavy Duty is one of the strongest power wheelchairs in the world, making it ideal for use by overweight patients.

Rollstuhl mit elektrischem Antrieb für adipöse personen Paravan PR heavy duty gekantelt nach hinten

Tilting is not a problem

The PR Heavy Duty is produced exclusively as a customised design tailored to the needs of specific customers. We also offer numerous accessories and electric functions on request – for example a tilting function.

Paravan Elektrorollstuhl PR heavy duty Beinwinkelverstellung

Built solid

The PR Heavy Duty has a lengthened wheelbase and broadened spacers. The chassis has also been reinforced to ensure maximum stability and safety.

Paravan Rollstuhl PR Biolution Steuerung R-Net

Control system

Multifunctional and available in several versions. Numerous individual functions can be programmed.

The PARAVAN PR Heavy Duty: Your flexibility
Nothing is impossible
  • Power wheelchair with front-wheel drive
  • Still versatile, as only 71 cm wide (without seat)
  • Ground clearance approx. 7 cm
  • Anti-tipper on the front
  • Manually adjustable seat length adjustment (forwards/backwards)
  • Central footrest unit with foot supports, individually folding
Elektrischer Paravan Rollstuhl für adipöse PR Heavy Duty
Our customised designs make it all possible
  • Powerful, high-torque motors
  • Reinforced seat solutions individually adapted to the customer; seat width of up to 700 mm possible
  • Tested safety plus maximum stability thanks to lengthened wheel base and spacers
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Tilt function can be adjusted electrically (optional)
Paravan Rollstuhl mit Elektromotor PR Heavy Duty Kantelung nach vorne
Need more information?
Sample calculation

Sample offer for your PARAVAN PR Heavy Duty

This offer includes the following basic equipment features:

  • Paravan special seat
  • Powerful, high-torque 550 W motors
  • Reinforced chassis
  • R-Net control
  • ...And much more

We’ll also be happy to put together an individual offer in line with your needs

Let’s get together to create the perfect wheelchair solution for you
Wheelchair product sheet
PARAVAN PR heavyduty

Equipment details, benefits and technical data

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