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Our new space miracle


Expressive design for a wheelchair accessible vehicle with plenty of space for your needs

The new Paravan Hyundai STARIA combines the benefits of a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a completely new design. A huge lowered barrier-free vehicle interior extends from the A-pillar to the C-pillar, providing extra headroom. A powerful and reliable Paravan cassette lift is provided for safe and comfortable entry. The clever vehicle concept allows flexible use as a driver, passenger or ride-sharing solution. In addition, the latest digital driving aids such as Space Drive or Voice Control can be optionally integrated. With all these features, the Paravan Hyundai STARIA meets all the requirements of a modern wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Highlights at a glance

XXL Interior

A whole new spatial experience: the lowered and barrier-free interior of the Paravan Hyundai STARIA.


Ideal combination

With the Paravan PR 50 power wheelchair directly to the driver or passenger side: In the Hyundai STARIA from Paravan, all components work together harmoniously to give you a wide range of options. You decide!


Design meets technology

So that you can operate the Paravan Hyundai STARIA perfectly, we at Paravan offer you a variety of state-of-the-art controls. From the digital driving and steering system Space Drive to the app on your smartphone.


Powerhouse for access

To make access as easy as possible, we have built the husky Paravan cassette lift under the Hyundai STARIA. This allows you to safely access the vehicle interior even with heavy electric wheelchairs.

PARAVAN Hyundai STARIA: Wheelchair-accessible and flexible
Innovative seating concept with flexibility

The interior of the disabled-friendly Hyundai STARIA from Paravan is designed to be highly flexible. With the wheelchair on the driver's or passenger's side? No problem! The original bench seat in the rear is retained and can be conveniently moved. This creates more space either in the boot or in the passenger compartment.

Spacious with style
Specification: Dimensions in mm:
Entry height: 1330 mm
Interior height (with panorama roof): min. 1400 mm
Interior height (without panorama roof): min. 1460 mm
Inside width: 1510 mm
Ramp width: 788 mm
Eye level height: 1260 mm
Ramp length: 1260 mm


NOTE: The measurement and consumption information provided by the original manufacturer may no longer be correct after the conversion. The pictures shown may include special equipment.

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Your benefits
This is what the disabled-friendly Paravan Hyundai STARIA offers you
  • Innovation and technology made by Paravan
  • Easy access thanks to the powerful Paravan cassette lift (load capacity up to 330 kg)
  • Quick and easy opening of the sliding door and extension of the lift by remote control (optional)
  • Lowered and barrier-free floor in the vehicle interior from the A- to the C-pillar
  • Transport of a wheelchair user possible by attachments on the front passenger position as well as in the 2nd seat row
  • Easy, quick and safe installation and removal of driver and passenger seats thanks to the tried-and-tested Paravan seat system.
  • Flexible use of the vehicle interior
  • Maximum variability and comfortable interior height over the entire passenger compartment
The Hyundai STARIA with 360 degree equipment
  • Attractive price/performance ratio with all-round equipment ex works
  • Full luggage compartment and retention of the original bench seat for 3 people in the rear
  • 24h service - spare parts delivery (Paravan parts within Germany)
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The PARAVAN Hyundai STARIA - Show that you are different.

The wheelchair accessible mobility solution for self-drivers, passengers or passengers in wheelchairs with lots of character.

Discover the new wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion concept of the Hyundai STARIA from Paravan - a clever 360-degree mobility solution tailored to the needs of people in wheelchairs. With this innovative conversion, you can not only be independently mobile and use your wheelchair, but also realise the full potential of your mobility. The lowered vehicle floor from the A- to the C-pillar allows easy access and the chic modern design underlines the advanced character of the vehicle. With top features and generous space, the Hyundai STARIA by Paravan offers an unparalleled driving experience. Experience the freedom to travel unrestricted and enjoy mobility tailored specifically to you.

Together we will come up with the right mobility solution for you
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