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Ideen im Bau von Elektrorollstühlen
PARAVAN wheelchair technology
Our ideas for wheelchair design

wheelchair production

Innovative technologies for modern power wheelchairs

Countless details of our designs show just how much our developers enjoy clever technologies that can be used in everyday applications. When you travel downhill, for example, your storage batteries automatically recharge. Then there are the seat cushions made of Meshtex, a breathable upholstery fabric that is manufactured using nanotechnology. This material provides maximum seating comfort and also distributes pressure, while a 50° backwards tilting function leads to a very high degree of decubitus prevention (complete pressure relief). At the touch of a button, the wheelchair moves you to a comfortable relaxed position while elevating your legs and ensuring beneficial blood circulation. You’ll be amazed!

Elektrorollstuhl Hersteller Paravan
Technische Details der Paravan Elektrorollstühle
Mitarbeiter beim Zusammenbauen eines Paravan Rollstuhles
Highlights at a glance
Sitzkantelung der elektrischen Rollstühle


Tilt backwards by up to 50° and forwards by up to 20° to make breathing easier and prevent pressure sores, or simply for relaxation.

Liftfunktion der elektrischen Rollstühle

Lift function

Robust electrical lift function that easily raises you up to as high as 80 cm.

Biometrische Fußstützeneinheit bei einem Elektrorollstuhl

Biometric footrest unit

This new type of footrest unit features an individually adjustable biometric pivot point for the knee joint. This completely eliminates tension and compressive forces on the joint.

Paravan Elektrorollstuhl PR 50 Steuerung R-Net

R-Net control panel

PARAVAN now offers the cutting-edge R-NET control system for all current wheelchairs in the PR series.

Fußstützen der Paravan Elektrorollstühle

Electric footrests

These footrests are shock-absorbing. The split footrests are designed to cushion vibrations, so avoiding spasms. The lower leg supports are individually adjustable and electrically extendible (optional extra).

Rollstuhlfertigung in Deutschland

Made in Germany

All PARAVAN power wheelchairs are manufactured in Germany – without exception. This enables us to guarantee quick delivery and 24-hour spare parts service nationwide.

Your benefits
You’ll be amazed
  • Integrated belt systems (PR 50)
  • Tilting function
  • Lift function
  • Biometric footrests
  • Standing and reclining function (PR Biolution, PR 40)
  • Electric seat length adjustment
  • R-Net joystick control
  • Electric backrest adjustment
  • Customised seat systems
  • Customised design
What makes our seats so special
  • 6 or 10 km/h drive
  • User weight up to 270 kg (PR Heavy Duty)
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Integrated anti-tip supports
  • High degree of manoeuvrability (width of 64 cm)
  • Special control systems are possible
View our power wheelchairs

The PARAVAN PR series – power wheelchairs for everyday, on-the-job and recreational use

High-tech wheelchair design and production. Co-developed by customers

It was wheelchair users who gave us the idea: Based on their ideas and suggestions, our team of engineers, technicians and physical therapists have created masterpieces in the best tradition of Swabian engineering – from the attractive PR 20 entry-level model to the PR 30 all-rounder model and the evolutionary PR 50 model. From software to electronics and mechanical engineering – everything is from a single source. Winner of the Bavarian State Prize in 2008 and the “CyberOne” high-tech award.

Herstellung der Paravan Elektrorollstühle
Let’s get together to create the perfect wheelchair solution for you
Wheelchair brochure
PARAVAN power wheelchairs

Models, equipment details, benefits and technical data


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