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Behindertengerechtes Fahrzeug Paravan Peugeot Traveller mit Kassetenlift und einfahrendem Elektrorollstuhl
PARAVAN Peugeot Traveller
Simply invitingly different

PARAVAN Peugeot Traveller

Our new Paravan Peugeot Traveller for people with disabilities has turned out to be “très chic”.

Our engineers and technicians have created a barrier-free vehicle floor between the A-pillar and the C-pillar that has been lowered by 15 cm. The Paravan cassette lift makes it possible for even tall people in a power wheelchair to access the vehicle and easily move to the driver’s or passenger’s side of the car. The headroom inside the vehicle has been increased to 145 cm. With an interior width of 141 cm, manoeuvring in a wheelchair is easy. The new, modified Paravan docking station, which is affixed to the floor of the vehicle, guarantees that the wheelchair is secure.

Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau Peugeot Traveller
Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau Paravan Peugeot Traveller Innenraum
Glückliche Kundin Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau Paravan Peugeot Traveller
Highlights at a glance
Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau Paravan Peugeot Traveller Rollstuhlb als Fahrersitz


Wheelchair can be moved directly to the driver position – it’s absolutely no problem! Wheelchair perfectly secured with the Paravan docking station. Transfer solution with the Paravan transfer seat base is also possible.

Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau Paravan Peugeot Traveller Rollstuhlb als Beifahrersitz

Comfortable seating for front passengers

Or simply ride in the front with your wheelchair. Driver or front passenger – you decide!

Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau Paravan Peugeot Traveller Kassettenlift lädt Elektrorollstuhl ein

Power access

The integrated Paravan cassette lift ensures safe and easy access to the interior of your new Paravan Peugeot Traveller.

PARAVAN Peugeot Traveller: Your flexibility
Sitting comfortably

Flexibility in a barrier-free interior from the A-pillar to the C-pillar – in accordance with your wishes. The innovative seat concept in the Paravan Peugeot Traveller conversion offers numerous seating options for people both with and without restricted mobility.

Bestuhlung Peugeot Traveller
Extremely spacious interior
Specification: Maße in mm:
Entry height: max. 1310 mm**
Inside height: max. 1450 mm
Inside width: max. 1410 mm
Ramp width: 790 mm
Eye level height: 1320 mm
Ramp length: 1140 mm*

*   with Paravan cassette lift standard plattform
** Optional. Standardhigh 1285 mm

NOTE: The measurement and consumption information provided by the original manufacturer may no longer be correct after the conversion. The pictures shown may include special equipment.

Maßblatt Peugeot Traveller
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Your benefits
Enjoy French flair
  • Comfortable entry thanks to the powerful Paravan cassette lift (lifting capacity of up to 320 kg)
  • The sliding door opens quickly and easily and you can extend the lift by remote control
  • Level floor inside the vehicle from the A- to the C-pillar
  • Hard-wearing anthracite/black carpet
  • Proper boot and original seating retained for three people in the back.
  • The driver and front passenger seats are simple, quick and safe to install and remove, thanks to Paravan’s tried-and-tested seating system
  • Maximum variability and a comfortable inside height throughout the entire interior
  • Excellent value for money
For your own special Traveller
  • Innovation and technology made by Paravan
  • Vehicle interior can be used in a variety of ways
  • 24-hour service – delivery of spare parts (Paravan parts within Germany)
  • Fastenings allow a wheelchair user to be transported as either a front or 2nd-row passenger
  • Space Drive® II digital driving and steering system (optional)
  • Paravan transfer seat base (optional)
  • Paravan docking station on the driver’s and front passenger’s side (optional)
  • Paravan Touch system and the Paravan Voice Control system (optional)
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Simply invitingly different – The Paravan Peugeot Traveller conversion

A conversion solution from Paravan that leaves nothing to be desired

Each and every Paravan Peugeot Traveller conversion is individually adapted and fine-tuned to the requirements of your medical condition. This means you can choose whether you wish to operate secondary vehicle systems (turn signals, window regulators, lights) via the Paravan Touch system (i.e. 7-inch Touch Display on the dashboard) / Paravan Touch app on your smartphone, or prefer to use the optional Paravan Voice Control system.

If you prefer to move from your wheelchair to the driver’s seat, the new Paravan conversion enables the integration of the multifunctional Paravan transfer seat base. Various manually operated devices as well as the fully digital and fail-safe driving and steering system Space Drive are available for operating the vehicle controls. Space Drive is a high-tech system with active redundancy that enables the driver to operate the accelerator, brake and steering via an ergonomic joystick, mini steering wheel or acceleration/brake lever.

Behindertengerechtes Fahrzeug Paravan Peugeot Traveller mit Kassetenlift
Sample calculation

Conversion features for your PARAVAN Peugeot Traveller

This offer is for the basic conversion package, which consists of the following:

  • Lowered vehicle floor with integrated ramp compartment
  • Integrated Paravan cassette lift
  • Hard-wearing black carpet
  • Fast seat base on the driver’s side, including 2nd belt buckle
  • ...And much more

Starting at 36.015,80 € net
(without vehicle)


Your Paravan Peugeot Traveller is waiting for you
Vehicle product sheet
PARAVAN Peugeot Traveller

Conversion features, benefits and technical data


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