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Paravan Kassettenlift mit Rollstuhlfahrer aussteigend
The PARAVAN cassette lift
Powerful and reliable

cassette lift

Powerful and reliable wheelchair lift

The PARAVAN cassette lift with innovative new technology. The lift is completely digitally controlled by a processor and can be freely programmed in motion. The self-developed PARAVAN software can thus be individually adapted to the height of your car. The optimised processor-controlled motion sequence eliminates the otherwise susceptible limit switches. This eliminates the need for readjustment and saves maintenance intervals. Another highlight of the extremely powerful cassette lift with a load capacity of approx. 330 kg is the middle or retract position, which can be reached from below or above at the push of a button.

Auto-Kassettenlift für Rollstuhlfahrer
Kassettenlift als Einstiegshilfe für Rollstuhlfahrer
Kassettenlift mit ins Auto fahrendem Rollstuhlfahrer
Highlights at a glance
Kassettenlift auf dem Boden


Digital processor control of motion sequence eliminates the need for mechanical limit switches.

Kassettenlift in Einfahrstellung

Smooth and easy

Centre position (entry position) can be attained from above or below at the touch of a button – processor-controlled.

Kassettenlift auf Fahrzeuglevel


Strong and flexible: Lifting height can be adjusted in line with vehicle dimensions – load-bearing capacity of up to 330 kg.

App Bedienung für den Kassettenlift

At the push of a button

Operation via radio or cable remote control. Operation via smartphone or tablet with the Touch app from PARAVAN.

Your benefits
Moving up with power
  • Excellent production and product quality – “Made in Germany”
  • Processor assumes digital control
  • Centre position (entry position) can be attained from above or below at the touch of a button
  • Lifting position of the platform can be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on the vehicle (up to 4 cm)
  • No mechanical limit switches; electronic control instead
  • The roll-down flap can be opened and closed in any position below the entry position
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Small, compact hydraulic power unit
  • Easy access to fuses
  • Standard cable remote control Radio remote control, voice control or tablet control is also possible
  • Can be installed in any appropriate vehicle type, thanks to universal mounting points
  • A shorter platform is possible
  • Extensive options for manual operation in case of an emergency
  • Independent components enable flexible installation
  • The roll-down flap can be painted in the same colour as the car
  • Ideal for special vehicles (e.g. camper vans)
  • Developed and produced by the company entirely in-house
  • Sold in more than 25 countries
  • Fast service thanks to a comprehensive network of partners
  • Non-corrosive variant (aluminium, stainless steel, electro-galvanised)
Functionality the way you need it
  • Splash-resistant cassette compartment (IP54)
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • High lifting height (up to 914 mm)
  • Freely programmable electric controller
  • Platform size (large): 1182 x 788 mm
  • Platform size (small): 1000 x 788 mm
  • Cassette lift with hydraulic unit: 1263 x 1718 mm
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity: 330 kg
  • Weight: approx. 190 kg.
  • Time to deploy/stow platform: approx. 13 sec.
  • Lowering/lifting time: approx. 9 sec.
  • Visual and audible warning signal during operation
  • Electrical and manual operation of all functions in case of an emergency
  • Electrical anti-rolling protection
  • Safety shutdown
  • Modification on right side of the ramp to approach from the side: 455 mm
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The PARAVAN cassette lift – multifunctional wheelchair lift

Powerful cassette lift from PARAVAN for easy and comfortable entry into a vehicle.

The PARAVAN cassette lift is equipped with a convenient cable remote control unit as standard. Operation using radio remote control is also possible. The carefully conceived concept of our PARAVAN cassette lift is underlined by a wide range of manual functions for emergencies. For example, lowering or raising the platform manually, including under load, is child’s play and takes no effort at all. Manual insertion or extension of the platform is also easy and convenient. Even the fuses are readily accessible.

The lift and cassette compartment are made of aluminium and rustproof stainless steel and, like the separate hydraulics box, are protected from splashing. Thanks to the independent lift components and the compact design flexible installation is possible without difficulty in many vehicles. The large lifting height of up to 914 mm allows the lifting position of the platform to be adapted up or down to optimum effect depending on the specific vehicle. No matter whether you have a Volkswagen T6, Mercedes Sprinter, motor home or similar type of vehicle – the PARAVAN cassette lift offers wheelchair users fast and safe access to their vehicle.

Kassettenlift in Wohnwagen verbaut

The PARAVAN cassette lift is flexible enough to fit onto my caravan. Wonderful!

Herbert, 54
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The PARAVAN cassette lift

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