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Paravan power wheelchairs for children
PARAVAN power wheelchairs for kids
Creative wheelchairs for children

Children's wheelchairs

The innovative PARAVAN power wheelchairs for children

Our new PARAVAN PR 35 and PR 35 S wheelchair models are very special power chairs. They are small, compact, colourful and versatile. In other words, ideally developed and tailored to the needs of our smallest customers. Lying down, standing up, tilting – all functions are on board. And the up to 30 percent smaller chassis also makes the wheelchairs extremely agile and has a small turning radius. This gives kids the opportunity to live an active life at all times, whether at daycare, school or at home! PARAVAN power wheelchairs are reliable companions for toddlers, youngsters and teenagers.

Children wheelchair with seat-to-floor function
Children wheelchair with standing up function
Children wheelchair with seat concept that grows with
Highlights at a glance
German made power wheelchairs

Quality "Made in Germany"

Our paediatric power wheelchairs are developed and produced in Germany. In our mobility equipment manufacture, each wheelchair is optimally adapted to the respective customer needs.

Colourful power wheelchairs for children

Many colourful kids colours

For our PR 25, PR 35 and PR 35 S models, we offer a brightly colored palette of colors! So every wheelchair becomes your very own individual wheelchair.

Children wheelchairs with seat concept that grows with

Concepts that grows with the kids

The seating concepts of our PARAVAN kids wheelchairs are designed to grow with the age of the child. This way, your PARAVAN accompanies you into your teenage years.

Children wheelchairs with quiet servomotors

Quiet servomotors

When developing the actuators for the standing, reclining or tilting function of our children's wheelchairs, we made sure that the motors operate very quietly. This makes the PARAVAN pediatric power wheelchair perfectly equipped and suitable for daycare centers and schools – for indoor and outdoor use.

Certified children's wheelchair consultants

Certified children's consultants

We have specially trained consultants in pediatric rehab care who are certified by the international support association "Rehab Child".

The advantages of PARAVAN PR series for kids
What you should know about PARAVAN pediatric wheelchairs
  • Three different models
  • Seven colorful kids colours
  • Adapted chassis size
  • Extremely quiet actuators
  • Special consultants for children's rehab in house
  • Adaptable seat concept K110/K120 (PR 25 & PR 35)
  • Various additional electric functions (lift, tilt, standing and lying function)
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Customisation possible
  • 55 - 80 kg weight capacity
  • 26 - 38 cm seat depth
  • 16 - 43 cm seat width
Our portfolio of wheelchairs for children
  • PARAVAN PR 25 – Power wheelchair with seat-to-floor system
  • PARAVAN PR 35 – Flexible power wheelchair with seat concept that grows with the user
  • PARAVAN PR 35S – Power wheelchair with standing, lying and tilting function
All PARAVAN power wheelchairs
Paravan power wheelchairs for children

Questions about our power wheelchairs for children

The models in the PARAVAN PR series are optimally designed to meet the needs of rehabilitation technology. The chassis are significantly narrower and shorter (approx. 30 percent), and the seats are also significantly smaller – precisely child-friendly – compared to the wheelchairs for adults.

The PARAVAN GmbH wheelchair models are limited to a speed of 6 km/h. This makes the wheelchairs easier to control and you are still agile and maneuverable on the road.

The PR 25 and PR 35 power wheelchairs from PARAVAN can be equipped with the K120 or K110 seating system. The highlight of both seats is that they can be manually adjusted to the respective body size in just a few steps in terms of backrest height, backrest width and seat width. In other words, the seat "grows along" with the child's size. This has the advantage that the wheelchair does not have to be replaced or renewed every time the child grows.

For the PARAVAN kids wheelchairs, there are seven new bright colours for chassis and rim design. From lemon yellow and pirate blue, to strawberry red, fairy purple and smurf blue, to dino green and unicorn pink. Of course, we are also happy to fulfill special requests!

The right care in the field of children's rehab

The PARAVAN PR series models for pediatric care

At PARAVAN, the right fitting solution is at the forefront of every wheelchair fitting – especially for our youngest customers. That's why we have launched three wheelchair models for pediatric care that have been specially developed to meet the needs of children and teens. Each model with unique functionalities and possibilities: The PR 25 shines with its seat pan base that can be lowered to the floor. The PR 35 impresses with its compact design, agility and seat concept that grows with the user. And the PR 35S adds a standing and reclining function to the advantages of the PR 35. All three children's wheelchair models are developed and manufactured in our wheelchair factory in Pfronstetten-Aichelau – made in Germany in the best Swabian tinkering tradition. Each powerchair is individually optimized and adapted to the needs of the respective clinical picture by our experts to ensure the best possible therapeutic success and mobility. All models can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.

Our certified and tested consultants will help you on your way to the right powered wheelchair.

Paravan children's wheelchair

"This was exactly the wheelchair we were looking for..."

Tamara & Nick (Lilian´s parents)
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