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Paravan Transferkonsole als Umsetzhilfe für Rollstuhlfahrer
PARAVAN transfer seat base
Transferring made easy

PARAVAN transfer seat base

Transferring from your wheelchair to the driver or passenger seat has never been simpler!

Transferring from a wheelchair to a car seat is often a tricky and exhausting affair! The PARAVAN transfer seat base does away with this problem, making it a simple and comfortable process. The transfer seat base moves backwards and forwards in your car via a free-floating rail system and can turn to a maximum of 180 degrees to the right or left inside the vehicle. The special feature: Besides its large angle of rotation the transfer seat base is also height-adjustable! This means that flexible and individual adaptation to your anatomy, your car and your wheelchair is no problem!

Highlights at a glance

Easy transfer

Bad weather? No problem. The PARAVAN transfer seat base makes moving from the wheelchair to the driver seat in the vehicle a safe and comfortable process.


Extremely flexible

180° rotation, height and length adjustment. The PARAVAN transfer seat base allows you to find the right seating position in the vehicle with just the push of a button – and it can also be used on the front passenger’s side of the vehicle.


Have a seat

The PARAVAN transfer seat base’s modular design is so advanced as to allow the use of original vehicle seats – in many many different types of vehicles. If you wish, you can also choose from a large number of special orthopaedic seats that we have on offer.



PARAVAN transfer seat base has no rails whatsoever. This saves space and ensures a completely barrier-free interior. The bellows cover protects the mechanics from dust and dirt.

Your benefits
Everything you need for an easy transfer
  • Excellent production and product quality – “Made in Germany”
  • Successfully crash-tested in line with the requirements of the ECE-R 17 guideline and 74/408/EEC
  • Six-directional movements forwards/backwards (approx. 700 mm); up/down (approx. 200 mm); rotating to left /right (180 degrees)
  • Longer version (+15 cm) for taller persons optionally possible
  • Protected mechanics due to bellows cladding
  • Very compact design
  • Very compact installation dimensions
  • Specially programmed control electronics for smooth motion sequences
  • Powerful maintenance-free electric motors
  • No obstructive rails at the back (freely suspended)
  • Tidy cabling (cable drag chain)
Quality that convinces
  • High stability and high-quality materials
  • Unique emergency release
  • Low power consumption (10 A per motor)
  • Switching devices for operation can be mounted to suit customer requirements
  • Cable remote control possible (PARAVAN system)
  • Radio remote control possible (PARAVAN system)
  • Can be combined with other functions (ramp, sliding door, pulling-in aid)
  • Integrated footrest
  • Can be installed in virtually any vehicle
  • Vehicle-specific installation consoles are available for suitable vehicles
  • Use of a specially developed wheelchair seat
  • Many original vehicle seats can be adapted
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The PARAVAN transfer seat base – perfect transfer out of the wheelchair

Because a good journey calls for a good seat!

To ensure a safe, comfortable sitting position on every trip, Paravan has teamed up with the experts from König to develop special seat systems for the transfer seat base: the Paravan K410 and the comfortable Paravan K630. The K630 impresses with an integrated 3 or 4-point belt system. The thickness of the seat cushion increases slightly towards the front, so relieving all strain on the thigh muscles and helping to stop the user slipping forward on the seat. This encourages ergonomically correct positioning of the pelvis close to the backrest. Strain is reduced on the pelvis and lumbar part of the spine thanks to the ergonomically shaped back section with an adjustable 2-way Schukra lumbar support. Both seats are available in four different standard colours. Other special seat solutions are of course also possible for the transfer seat base. Our customer advisers will be delighted to provide you with information at any time.

Your new transfer seat base is just a click away
Seat collection product sheet
The PARAVAN transfer seat base

Product details, benefits and technical data


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