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docking station

The perfect wheelchair securement system from PARAVAN

The PARAVAN docking station is one of the most important elements in our vehicle conversions. It offers secure fixing through its mechanical or electronic docking mechanism and also includes a mechanical emergency release device. The most secure connection between our power wheelchairs and a vehicle. Crash tested successfully.

Paravan Dockingstation
Paravan Dockungstation auf Beifahrerseite
Paravan Dockingstation virtuelle Ansicht durch Karosserie
Highlights at a glance
Paravan Dockingstation unter Sitzkonsole montiert


If the docking station is not needed, it disappears under the driver or passenger seat base.

Paravan Dockingstation Rollstuhl während der Befestigung


The entire PARAVAN securement system, which consists of the vehicle conversion itself, a power wheelchair and the docking station, has been crash-tested and complies with the most stringent safety guidelines.

Paravan Dockingstation am Boden des Fahrzeugs

You choose

The PARAVAN docking station comes in a mechanical and electrical version. In the latter version, the docking station is decoupled with just the push of a button. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Your benefits
Roll in and dock
  • Excellent production and product quality – “Made in Germany”
  • Mechanical or electrical locking system
  • Emergency release device
  • Approach even at an inclined angle, thanks to the predefined guidance feature
  • 100% safety and stability (stable in all three axes)
  • No instability is transmitted and the unit has no momentum, which means driving with SPACE DRIVE is safe and smooth
  • Use of high-strength steel (electro-galvanised) to prevent torsion
Perfectly designed down to the last detail
  • For drivers and passengers
  • Developed entirely in-house
  • Produced entirely in-house
  • Can be installed in all vehicles
  • Ground clearance under wheelchair: approx. 75 mm
  • Crash tested at 20 G according to the latest guidelines
  • Crash-tested fastening kit
  • Fast service thanks to a comprehensive network of partners
  • 24-hour delivery of spare parts
  • Worldwide dealership network
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The PARAVAN docking station – perfect wheelchair securement

The most secure connection between the vehicle and wheelchair

Drivers and front and rear passengers can use the docking station with any PARAVAN vehicle adaptation and in numerous different positions. Modified seats for non-disabled drivers can be quickly refitted with the docking station in place.

The PARAVAN docking station does not transmit any instability or inherent dynamics and thus ensures a completely safe and smooth journey, even for wheelchair users with severely impaired motor functions. The docking station is stable due to the use of high-strength steel (electro-galvanised), which prevents torsion in all three axes.

Paravan Dockingstation und Ansicht des Fahrzeugbodens

Getting into the vehicle and into the docking station – that´s all it takes for me and my wheelchair to be secure in the vehicle.

Manuela, 34
Your secure docking solution is just a few clicks away
Securement systems product sheet
PARAVAN docking station

Product details, benefits and technical data


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