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Hub- und Schwenksitz Turny
Turny Evo
Out of the wheelchair and into the vehicle


The innovative swivelling and lifting seat for easy transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle

Do you have problems getting out of or using your car seat? Do you have to use a wheelchair because of a disability but would like to nevertheless sit in the front passenger seat of your vehicle in comfort? The Turny swivelling and lifting seat rotates out from the vehicle and can also be lowered. Take your seat in comfort and let the motion sequence run in reverse as you are “lifted” into your vehicle in comfort and safety.

Hub- und Schwenksitz fürs Auto
Hub- und Schwenksitz fürs Auto komplett ausgefahren
Hub- und Schwenksitz Turny in Sitzreihe
Highlights at a glance
Hub- und Schwenksitz mit Beifahrer einsteigend

Multifunctional installation

The Turny can be installed on the passenger’s side or on the left or right in the second row of seats.

Hub- und Schwenksitz mit Beifahrer

Perfect turning

Intelligent turning mechanism allows the seat to narrowly clear the B-pillar in both directions. As a result, the seat can be integrated into virtually any vehicle.

Hub- und Schwenksitz mit Beifahrer aussteigend

Moving up at the push of a button

The seat design allows the seat to be lowered by up to 390 mm. The Turny swivelling and lifting seat is operated via a cable remote control.

Your benefits
Transferring made easy
  • For the driver’s side and front passenger’s side and 2nd row of seats (turns left or right)
  • Adjustable motion control
  • Individual programming capability means door modifications are often unnecessary
  • Integrated anti-pinch feature
  • No restrictions when adjusting the backrest backwards
  • Electric in-vehicle horizontal seat adjustment
  • Includes integrated footrest that can be folded away when not in use
Hub- und Schwenksitz einfahrend ins Auto
Outstanding seat quality and comfort
  • Cable remote control with display for important status notifications
  • Easy to use in an emergency
  • Vehicle-specific installation consoles available for many vehicle models
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity of 160 kg
  • Large swivel range (up to 113 degrees)
  • Lifting height of 390 mm
  • Available with PARAVAN high-comfort seat upon request
Hub- und Schwenksitz Turny komplett ausgefahren
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The TURNY Evo – safe and perfect transfer out of the wheelchair

Because a good journey calls for a good seat!

To ensure a safe, comfortable sitting position on every trip, Paravan has teamed up with the experts from König to develop special seat systems for the TURNY: the Paravan K410 and the comfortable Paravan K630. The K630 impresses with an integrated 3 or 4-point belt system. The thickness of the seat cushion increases slightly towards the front, so relieving all strain on the thigh muscles and helping to stop the user slipping forward on the seat. This encourages ergonomically correct positioning of the pelvis close to the backrest. Strain is reduced on the pelvis and lumbar part of the spine thanks to the ergonomically shaped back section with an adjustable 2-way Schukra lumbar support. Both seats are available in four different standard colours. Other special seat solutions are of course also possible for the TURNY. Our customer advisers will be delighted to help at any time.

Umsetzhilfe ins Auto mit umsteigendem Rollstuhlfahrer
Together we will come up with the right mobility solution for you
Seat collection product sheet
The TURNY Evo swivelling and lifting seat

Product details, benefits and technical data


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