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Outside normal business hours, you can reach our vehicle telephone service on weekdays from 16:00 - 22:00 and on weekends and public holidays from 08:00 - 22:00 by calling the following number:
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New homepage and image brochure

With only three clicks to the relevant information - customer is at the heart of the new website

PARAVAN presents itself as a service provider at eye level

PFRONSTETTEN-AICHELAU, 10 December 2019. Fresh colours, user-friendly design - clicking on the new PARAVAN homepage opens up a completely new world of mobility: inviting, informative and easy to navigate. After a good eight years, PARAVAN GmbH has given itself a new face: "The customer is now in the focus, away from the product, focused on the individual needs," says PARAVAN Marketing Manager Alexander Nerz. At the same time as the homepage, a new image brochure was developed in which the concept was transferred to the print medium. 

The online marketing team has added over 1,275 photos, graphics and thumbnails, over 42,800 words on the German pages and just under 55,000 words on the English page in recent months. Practically each page was reviewed and rewritten. An important aspect of the relaunch was the barrier-free design. "Large clickable buttons, good colour contrasts and a large font help our customers to navigate well through the site," adds Janina Milner. "The user actually arrives at his destination page with two to three clicks from the homepage or with two to three taps with his fingers on a tablet. The new PARAVAN homepage is optimized for computers, tablets and smartphones. Alternative texts for screen readers are stored behind the pictures.

"We want to communicate as a friend, as a service provider at eye level, we are companions and encouragers", says Alexander Nerz. "PARAVAN encourages us to accept ourselves again, to have new perspectives, to give people mobility and make dreams come true". Above all, it was important for us to give customers a chance to speak about their own personal mobility story and how they are mastering their new lives. "These contributions are very valuable in encouraging others," emphasizes Nerz. The new homepage was created in close dialogue with the mobility consultants, field staff and customers. "It was a process over a very long period," reports the marketing manager. 

In addition to basic information on the holistic PARAVAN mobility solutions, from electric wheelchairs to barrier-free access to the vehicle, from ramps and cassette lifts to complete conversions, the new PARAVAN homepage provides users with an overview of the technology and the know-how behind the technology. For example, the Space Drive drive-by-wire system is not only an important basis for helping people with complex movement restrictions such as tetraplegia, muscle diseases or dysmelia to regain independent mobility, it is also an important key technology for autonomous driving. Also present: the PARAVAN driving school. In this area, the user also receives information on everything that is necessary in advance, for example, in order to start a driving training course.

On the company page you will find "your" personal contact person - to stay in the online language - no matter whether it is a personal mobility consultation or a technical problem. The newly created news portal contains the latest company news, linked to PARAVAN social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The job and career section provides an overview of vacancies, gives PARAVAN employees the opportunity to speak and motivates them to become members of the PARAVAN family.

"A good appearance on the world wide web is our online business card and indispensable for brand awareness and image," says Nerz. In order for PARAVAN to be better found in search engines such as Google and to achieve top rankings in the field of mobility for the disabled, we also invested in search engine optimisation. "The goal is not only to increase the number of website visits, but also to increase the time spent on the site," says marketing manager Milner. "The aim is to generate new leads for the sales team as well as to retain existing customers for PARAVAN.

There are innovations not only in the beautiful new online world. Brochures and flyers are also being revised bit by bit. In the PARAVAN image brochure "Next Stop: Freedom", which has also been newly published, the concept is transferred to the print sector. "A lively magazine has been created, characterised by added value for the customer," says Nerz. On the other hand, a compendium has been produced which gives a comprehensive overview of the PARAVAN product portfolio, in direct customer contact.

"The new company homepage and the brochure have been well received," says Nerz. "We have received a lot of positive feedback, but also constructive suggestions for improvement. It was a process with the customer for the customer who stretched over more than twelve months". 
In the coming months, a new B2B portal for partner companies and medical supply stores will be developed, with a shop system and spare parts catalogue. International partners will also be involved. "With regular news and information about innovations at the product level, in the company and in the public discussion, we want to additionally increase the attractiveness of our offers", informs the marketing professional.

Homepage and image brochure - PARAVAN has a new face
Head of Marketing Alexander Nerz and Marketing Manager Janina Milner have invested almost a whole year in the new PARAVAN presence
In addition to the new website, we have also launched a new image brochure.
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