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PARAVAN at the REHACARE 2023 Düsseldorf

Visit us at the fair: Hall 6, Booth 6C55

  • New vehicle cooperation with Hyundai - STARIA as a new platform for disabled vehicle conversion as a driver and ride-sharing solution optimal for wheelchair users, flexibly adaptable
  • Whether children's wheelchair, wheelchair as driver's seat or heavy duty application - besides vehicle solutions the complete PARAVAN electric wheelchair portfolio will be presented
  • Get in, feel and drive yourself: PARAVAN driving school invites you to test drive the customizable vehicle on the outdoor grounds

After five years, PARAVAN GmbH is once again presenting its entire product portfolio in the field of mobility for the disabled at REHACARE in Düsseldorf - from vehicle access and the comprehensive electric wheelchair portfolio to the Space Drive driving and steering system, which enables people with severe mobility impairments to steer a vehicle independently using customized input devices. The PARAVAN principle of "everything from a single source" is the focus of the presentation. Compactly arranged at one booth, visitors can immerse themselves in the PARAVAN product world. Visit us at the Düsseldorf trade fair: Hall 6, Booth 6C55

"The focus is on the customer, who wants to be mobile independently and optimally without outside help. The 360 degree approach is optimal to ensure comprehensive advice and care," says Alexander Nerz, Marketing Manager of PARAVAN GmbH. The support already begins with the search for the optimal solution, the correct vehicle or wheelchair selection, over the request with the cost unit up to the change and the adjustment. If technical appraisals or driving school training are necessary, this can also be offered at the PARAVAN driving schools in the Aichelau mobility park or the Heidelberg branch.

Hyundai STARIA as a driver and ride-sharing solution for the disabled

Since June of this year, PARAVAN GmbH has had a new platform in its portfolio for handicapped-accessible vehicle conversions as a driver and ride-sharing solution in the form of the Hyundai STARIA. The modern Multivan is equipped with a PARAVAN cassette lift, the Space Drive driving and steering system and a four-way joystick. Secondary functions such as turn signals, horn, lights or even the electric sun visor, can be operated via PARAVAN Touch or voice control, or with the universal MultiMote multifunction rotary knob. To ensure the necessary headroom of 1.40, the vehicle floor was lowered from the A to the C pillar. The result is a spacious interior that can accommodate a third row of seats in addition to the wheelchair. Depending on the symptoms, further individual adaptations are possible: Whether the Space Drive driving and steering system with the respective input devices are to be used, light steering, a gas ring or various hand devices for operating the gas and brake. Everything is possible! "We are always on the lookout for practical vehicle alternatives for as many complaint patterns as possible," says Joachim Glück, mobility consultant at PARAVAN GmbH. "But the choice is getting smaller, as many models are now only available as electric versions. These are with view of the battery in the vehicle floor and the permissible total weight, currently very difficult to adapt." Following the discontinuation of production of the VW T6.1 and the combustion engine model of the Peugeot Traveller, the mobility experts have long been on the lookout for an affordable alternative for the ever-popular vans and have found what they were looking for in the new Hyundai STARIA.

Another highlight at REHAB is the PARAVAN VW Caddy 5 Maxi with electric side entry. The interior ramp extends at the push of a button and offers the option of entering the vehicle from the side, for example from the sidewalk, either directly in front of the steering wheel or on the passenger seat. "We have found that many customers prefer to enter from the side," says Glück. With the VW Caddy 5, the advantages of a passenger car can thus be offered that can also drive into any underground garage without any problems, without the self-driver in a wheelchair having to forego comforts such as headroom and maneuvering freedom in the car.
On the outdoor area of REHACARE, below hall 6, the innovative VW Caddy solution as well as the basic vehicle of the new Hyundai STARIA can be viewed and tested.

Versatile PARAVAN electric wheelchair range for every application area

Another central component of the 360-degree approach, in addition to individual mobility solutions, are the PARAVAN power wheelchairs: from the children’s supply to the all-rounder PR 30/II wheelchair with standing, lying and tilting functions, to the heavyweight Heavy Duty - compact and modularly designed, developed to meet the needs of customers. In the meantime, the PARAVAN wheelchair range has grown to eight models, for very different target groups. With the diverse possibilities for use, the users are mobile in their leisure time or at work and with the PARAVAN PR 50 additionally in the car, as a driver's seat. "We always develop our range of power wheelchairs based on the needs of the customers, in dialogue with the customers," says Stefan Ludwig, Head of Wheelchair Systems.

"For the user, his power wheelchair is as important as a well-broken-in pair of shoes. It must be absolutely reliable and suitable for everyday use, as well as individually adapted to the specific clinical picture and the respective life situation." Depending on the symptoms, head, and chin controls as well as special push aids, rain canopies or storage tables are possible for a relaxed everyday life. All models have an armrest that can be adjusted by up to 12 positions - customizable with a wide range of arm pads. This also applies to the color scheme of the trim, which ranges from dino green and red to elegant matte black. All wheelchairs are manufactured in Germany.

Five sales representatives support the distribution in Germany, which is mainly handled by the cooperating medical supply stores. PARAVAN GmbH has already had wheelchairs in its product portfolio since 2008. "This is a very important component for our 360-degree approach of supplying everything from a single source," says Joachim Glück, head of vehicle sales. "Together with the PARAVAN wheelchair team, we can offer a total solution, from the adapted vehicle to the way into the vehicle, the appropriate adaptation to drive the vehicle independently, to the customized wheelchair solution."

PARAVAN driving school: get in and drive off.

The PARAVAN driving school will also present itself at REHACARE 2023 and offer test drives. Driving instructor Ralf Buhmann will answer the questions of the visitors: Can I really drive a car? What all is necessary to apply for a driver's license? Which solution is best for me? On the open-air site next to Hall 6, visitors can take a test drive in a PARAVAN driving school car. The highlight is the new driving school car, which can be used to cover almost 95 percent of the complaint patterns without major conversion. In addition to the Space Drive driving and steering system, the Mercedes Sprinter is equipped with a camera system with environment recognition, which makes training possible when the field of vision is restricted. The possibilities are many, from a simple handheld device or multifunction knob to highly complex vehicle adaptation.

Discuss with us at the expert forums Product&News@REHACARE

For those who want to get to the bottom of the issues surrounding mobility for the disabled a little more intensively and look into the future, a visit to the Product&News@RAHACARE powered by MOBITIPP specialist forum in Hall 4 at Stand H15 is worthwhile. On Wednesday, September 13 from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., key account manager of PARAVAN GmbH Daniel Weber will speak on the topic of "Autonomous driving: how much longer will we need (disabled-friendly) converted vehicles". On Thursday, September 14, also from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., the topic will be the increasingly important question of reintegration in the workplace. Topic here: The vehicle as an integration aid: How to get back into working life.

Visit PARAVAN at REHACARE: Anyone who wants to get an overview of a comprehensive mobility or wheelchair solution can do so in Hall 6, Booth 6C55 at the Düsseldorf exhibition center.

With the Hyundai STARIA, PARAVAN GmbH presents another platform for handicapped-accessible vehicle conversion, for self-drivers and passengers, equipped with the Space Drive driving and steering system and a 4-way joystick at the REHACARE trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, Photo: PARAVAN
Up to 95 percent of complaint patterns can be covered with the new Mercedes Sprinter without major adaptation work. New: the innovative camera system equipped with environment recognition, which enables training when the field of vision is restricted. Photo: PARAVAN
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PARAVAN at the REHACARE 2023 Düsseldorf

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