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Emergency service

PARAVAN donates 5.000 Euro

New HVO vehicle for the DRK Zwiefalten-Pfronstetten

Important contribution to safeguarding emergency medical care in rural areas in the Swabian Alb region. This means that the therapy-free interval during a medical emergency can be bridged much better.

In a medical emergency, every minute counts. It is particularly difficult when the emergency occurs in rough terrain. It is therefore all the more important that the therapy-free interval can be optimally covered by the helper on site (HVO). In the catchment area of the local DRK association Zweifalten-Pfronstetten, the supply situation will improve significantly in the near future thanks to many supporters. A four-wheel drive Audi Q5 for the HVO, will provide relief. "All-wheel drive is important on the Alb to be able to act," says the DRK chairman of the local association Zwiefalten-Pfronstetten. "We have to be able to get into the forest reliably. It can take 20 minutes for the emergency doctor to arrive in adverse cases." This is a difficult and stressful situation for HVO, he said.

A total of 50,000 euros is needed for the new HVO vehicle, the associated equipment and to finance the first year of operation. With the 5,000 euro donation from PARAVAN GmbH, the local group has come much closer to its fundraising goal. "It is important to provide local support in order to ensure optimal medical care for the population in rural areas," says Roland Arnold, Managing Director of PARAVAN GmbH. And of course the entrepreneurial couple hopes that the PARAVAN initiative will still find imitators in the region. "We are happy to make a contribution to this. We all benefit from this," adds Martina Arnold. 10,000 euros are currently still needed.

On average, the volunteer DRK helpers are called out on more than 60 missions a year. Currently, the HVO drive to the scene of the emergency with their private vehicles - without extended equipment, without radio and without the possibility of accessing rights of way in an emergency, for example, to reach emergency scenes in heavy traffic or in impassable terrain and in the forest. "This is sometimes a difficult and sometimes dangerous undertaking," knows the chairman of the local association.

With the new vehicle, HVO operations are to be reorganized in the future. The emergency vehicle is to be permanently manned as far as possible, stationed at the HVO on duty. In addition, the new vehicle has a complete HVO equipment on board, and is equipped, among other things, with radio for direct contact with the rescue control center, with equipment for circulation and breathing, a fire extinguisher with protective equipment, burn kit, electric blanket and children's suitcase. "With the now well-equipped vehicle, much better daytime coverage from HVO work sites is also feasible," reports the DRK chairman.

The car will also be used as a shuttle for emergencies in inaccessible terrain. The project can be expanded as needed. For example, it is also planned to use it as a towing vehicle for a mobile dressing station - for major incidents. Particularly important in disaster operations, for example, during the carnival season, if a bus should crash, for example. "Then the first 30 to 40 minutes are particularly important," knows Andreas Bisinger. The local DRK association in Zwiefalten-Pfronstetten would be happy to have more supporters.

With the check for 5,000 euros, the Zwiefalten-Pfronstetten chapter of the German Red Cross receives support from the entrepreneurial couple Roland and Martina Arnold (right). This means that Lothar Schwendele, head of the on-call team, and Nicole Krause (left), on-call helper and responsible for the Red Cross Youth, can now travel quickly to the scene of an accident and bridge the therapy-free interval during emergency operations much better. Photo: PARAVAN
In the future, the vehicle will be white and clearly recognizable as a German Red Cross vehicle. The first items of equipment and the pre-installation for the radio are already on board, as DRK chairman Andreas Bisinger explains to PARAVAN chief Roland Arnold. Photo: PARAVAN
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PARAVAN donates 5.000 Euro for the DRK Zwiefalten-Pfronstetten

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