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Premiere at REHAB

The new PR 40 – the power wheelchair in the lower price segment

  • New member of the PARAVAN PR family of wheelchairs
  • Light, multifunctional power wheelchair in the lower price segment, with standing, sitting, reclining and tilting functions
  • Delivery in one week (without customisations) – available for ordering now

KARLSRUHE/PFRONSTETTEN. Very quiet and extremely manoeuvrable, multifunctional and elegant – that pretty much describes the new PARAVAN PR 40 standing wheelchair, which has an external width of 64 centimetres and comes in an elegant black finish or one of six other fresh colours for those who like to stand out. Light, multifunctional power wheelchair in an extremely attractive price segment, with standing, sitting, reclining and tilting functions

The new member of the PARAVAN PR wheelchair series was developed closely in line with market and customer requirements. “We examined the market and the requirements of our customers very carefully”, says Head of Wheelchair Systems Stefan Ludwig. “We wanted to send the message of a product developed in Germany by engineers who display the inventiveness typical of the Swabian region – a product that comes with outstanding service and after-sales service, with all replacement parts available for extremely fast delivery within a week, from the very first order for the wheelchair.”

It took Ludwig and his team only three months to develop the first prototype, which was then presented at the end of March to specialists at the EXPOLIFE international trade fair in Kassel, where it was very well received. “Our plan now is to present the PR 40 to a wider audience at the REHAB trade fair”, says Ludwig, who is hoping for positive feedback similar to that received in Kassel.

The standing wheelchair was designed for the lower price segment – with standing, sitting, reclining and tilting functions backwards and forwards and electric leg angle adjustment with length compensation. “The PR 40 closes an important gap in the PR power wheelchair series”, Ludwig explains. “With its programmable standing curve and R-Net control, the PR 40 offers outstanding functionality even in its basic version. The HMV number will follow in the second half of the year. The PR 40 is available to order now.”

The standing wheelchair also makes a big impression with its very low seat, great stability, low-noise drive motor and servo motors, individually spring-loaded rear axles and an above-average operating range made possible by powerful standard 85-Ah batteries. “The new biometric sliding backrest developed for the PR 40 is another product highlight”, says Ludwig. “When the wheelchair is moved to the upright position, the adapted seat remains in the optimal position for sitting.” The PR 40 is also delivered with a programmable standing curve that is tailored to each customer and includes aligned motors. Other programmable positions can be stored via the control system’s memory function and be used when entering a vehicle, for example.

Initial presentations at health care supply stores and to customers have been very successful. “Some industry specialists were amazed by how we are able to offer the product at such an affordable price”, says field service staff member Matthias Enneper. “The first people who viewed the product were mainly impressed by the wheelchair’s easy and intuitive operation and the pain-free stand-up procedure enabled by the individually programmable standing curve. The integrated rear suspension has also significantly improved ride comfort, and even bumpy gravel surfaces are no longer a problem to travel on.”

The wheelchair is suitable for use by all customers aged ten and up – all the way to the very elderly. It can be used by individuals suffering from neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or muscular dystrophy, as well as by people suffering from paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia). “The wheelchair enables its users to participate in the working world in a much more active and independent manner”, Ludwig explains. “Reaching to get a file on a high shelf is no longer a problem, for example, and movement is always a good thing, whether for the circulation or the limbic system.”

Visit us at the REHAB trade fair in Karlsruhe (Stand K39 with a focus on wheelchairs in Hall 2). At our stand, you’ll be able to sit down in the new PR 40, test its new functions and get advice from our experts. If you’re interested in learning more about the integrated mobility concept from PARAVAN GmbH, or about a disability vehicle conversion, then come visit our customer consultants at Stand G41 in Hall 1. We look forward to seeing you!

Paravan Rollstuhlteam mit PR 40 Modellen
Real team effort: The wheelchair colleagues developed the new PR 40 within three months - according to the Swabian tinkerer's style.
Neuer Paravan Elektrorollstuhl PR 40 erste anpasungen
The new PR 40 ranges from elegant black to fresh apple green - the colour palette is as wide as it gets.
Paravan Mitarbeiter beim Zusammenbau einer der ersten E-Rollis PR 40
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