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Premiere: PARAVAN PR 30/II power wheelchair

The PARAVAN PR 30 gets an update and will be presented at REHAB

New model of the PARAVAN wheelchair all-rounder will be presented at REHAB from June 23 to 25 in hall 2 at booth C24. The PARAVAN PR 30 is getting an update. The popular power wheelchair all-rounder, which now bears the abbreviation "/II", has a modular design based on a building block system, is equipped with extensive additional medical functions and can thus be adapted very individually to the respective symptoms. The new edition is also equipped with very low-noise actuators and features the new PARAVAN K 620 seating system. In addition, the PARAVAN PR 30/II can boast a comfortable range in series production. With the new battery, the radius of the power wheelchair has increased to up to 50 kilometers. The new powerful motor technology also allows a maximum user weight of up to 200 kilograms. The wheelchair has a lift function, with a lifting height of up to 30 centimeters. If, for example, something needs to be reached at a higher level, this can be done without assistance.

A new feature of the PARAVAN Allrounder is that it is equipped with an individually suspended and sprung rear axle, giving it significantly more ride comfort than its unsprung predecessor. "Following the chassis concept of the PR 40 stand-up wheelchair, we have also transferred the concept here to the PR 30/II," says head of the wheelchair department Stefan Ludwig, who developed the wheelchair together with his team and the customers. "Customer feedback is very important for the development process. We want to develop a product for the customers and not bypass their needs."

The modular system makes configuration up front much easier and more user- and service-friendly. "For example, you can get to the complete electrical system in just a few steps," Ludwig reports. An advantage already in the run-up to the configuration of the wheelchair, also later during the use the PR 30/II is thus clearly better adaptable, for example with progressive disease patterns. The customer has a free choice of colors. "Desired colors are also possible," says Ludwig. That is very important to customers, he adds. "A wheelchair is an elementary everyday companion, like a pair of shoes is for us, for example, and we also design our model range with this approach."

The PARAVAN PR 30/II is suitable and adaptable for almost all clinical pictures. The power wheelchair for adults has advanced special control options via the R-Net control system. A memory function is also optionally available. In accordance with ISO 7176/19, the wheelchair is suitable for transport in a vehicle, for example as a passenger, via a floor fixation. Extreme stability and robustness characterize this model from the medium price segment, which is manufactured entirely in Germany. Currently, the PR 30/II has a four-week delivery time from order.

"I have completely accepted the chair as my new legs. The wheelchair is a gem," Michelle Fallier reports quite enthusiastically. In the meantime, the Munich resident, who has been dependent on a wheelchair since 2009, has covered 1,172 kilometers with the new PARAVAN PR 30/II, which is approved for 10 km/h. She uses it exclusively for outdoor activities. "I just like to drive fast and I'm on the road a lot with the wheelchair." The Munich resident has had the PR 30/II power wheelchair since fall 2021 and was involved in its development. She didn't get along so well with her last model.

She is very often out in the woods and on somewhat rough terrain, and that's where the new rear axle suspension really suits her, especially since she dislikes using pneumatic tires. "Initially, the damping was set a bit hard, so she could only ride with pneumatic tires," she says. "With solid rubber tires, it was unbearable for me," reports Michelle, who has a special form of muscular dystrophy. During the development process, appropriate adjustments were made so that she can now travel with the solid rubber wheels without any problem. This is particularly important off-road, as is the fit of the seat shell adapted by the medical supply store and the PARAVAN wheelchair department, equipped with a harness belt.

Visit us at the REHAB in Karlsruhe from June 23 to 25, 2022. The new PR 30/II will be exhibited in hall 2 at booth C24. There PARAVAN GmbH will also present the entire wheelchair product range, from children's wheelchairs to the PR Heavy Duty. In the DM Arena at booth P42, PARAVAN will present vehicle conversions and driving school. Our mobility consultants will be on hand to answer questions and provide information. In addition, you will find our supply solutions in the area of children's wheelchairs in Hall 3/Stand L15 as part of the marketplace for children and youth rehabilitation. Right next to the PARAVAN main booth in the DM Arena, inclusive e-karts used as part of the United in Dreams project can be tested.

The update of the PR 30/II impresses with its flexibility and adaptability, even off-road the future customer is comfortable on the road thanks to the suspension. Photos: PARAVAN
Michelle Fallier has been on the road with her PR 30/II since October 2021. She was also involved in the development and provided important impetus, for example, when it came to adjusting the suspension, Photo: Private
The PARAVAN PR30/II is equipped with a tilt angle to the rear of up to 45 degrees. Photo: PARAVAN
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Premiere: PARAVAN PR 30/II power wheelchair

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