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20th REHAB from 16 to 18 May 2019 in Karlsruhe:

PARAVAN GmbH on hand with a wheelchair premiere and a focus on electric mobility

  • Integrated mobility solutions that include everything from spinner knobs to complete conversions – all from a single source – over an area of 500 square metres in Halls 1 and 2
  • Premiere of the PR 40 – a light multifunctional power wheelchair with standing, sitting, reclining and tilting functions
  • Focus on electric mobility for people with disabilities: opportunities and challenges


PARAVAN GmbH will be presenting its range of products at two stands in Halls 1 and 2 at the REHAB trade fair in Karlsruhe, which will take place from 16 to 18 May 2019. A further highlight alongside the presentation of PARAVAN’s integrated mobility concept for people with disabilities will be the premiere of the new PR 40 power wheelchair. PARAVAN will also focus at REHAB on the opportunities and challenges associated with conversions of electrically powered vehicles.

“Along with small individual solutions, such as rear entry set-ups, wheelchair loading and stowing systems and rotation-swivel seats, we will also present highly complex customised vehicle solutions that can help people with severe disabilities enjoy the freedom of mobility”, says PARAVAN’s Marketing Director, Alexander Nerz. “Another highlight will be the premiere of the PR 40, which is an extremely light and very agile power wheelchair with standing, sitting, reclining and tilting functions that’s being offered in an extremely attractive price segment.

“The debate surrounding bans on diesel vehicles in city centres in Germany has led to a lot of uncertainty among Paravan customers. More than 95 per cent of our customers purchase diesel vehicles because of their long service life and low fuel consumption.” It’s also often the case that the vehicles disabled individuals need are not even available as a petrol-engine variant; this applies especially to small vans. It’s true that drivers with certain types of disability cards are exempt by law from the diesel bans in large cities. “Nevertheless, many customers are putting off the purchase of a new vehicle and waiting for the first electric models”, Nerz explains. “At REHAB, we will be presenting an electric vehicle conversion with an accelerator ring and entry assistance. In addition, we will be highlighting the opportunities electric mobility offers, but we will also point out the limits to what’s feasible at the moment.”

One-stop shop: PARAVAN GmbH utilises an integrated solution approach for its vehicle conversions for people with disabilities. “With the PARAVAN PR 50 power wheelchair, we are presenting the first wheelchair in its segment to be approved for use as a vehicle driver seat in accordance with Section 35a of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation – StVZO”, says Nerz. “The wheelchair has an integrated belt system and it’s also been crash tested. The product has been given the following entry for ‘43 seating position of the vehicle operator’ in the technical suitability certification report: ‘wheelchair has been inspected as a driver seat and can be securely locked in place (Section 35a StVZO) by a docking station’. This means the wheelchair is eligible for full reimbursement.” Drivers use the Paravan cassette lift or underfloor ramp to enter the vehicle and move directly to the steering wheel. The docking station developed in-house firmly locks and connects the wheelchair to the vehicle, which also makes it possible to recharge wheelchair batteries during a trip.

The fully redundant Space Drive drive-by-wire system allows control of the vehicle – i.e. operation of the steering, acceleration and braking functions – to be precisely aligned with the given physical limitation. A whole range of input devices – from a mini steering wheel to a two-way or four-way joystick or a foot-operated steering unit – can be used to operate the vehicle. Secondary vehicle systems, such as those for turn signals, windscreen wipers, the horn and even a sun visor, are operated using the PARAVAN Voice Control system.

Paravan Elektrorollstuhl PR 40 Kopfstütze
Paravan PR40 Bau und Entwicklung
Paravan Elektrorollstuhl PR 40 Serie
The new PR 40 is available in different colours ranging from elegant black to fresh apple-green
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