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Outside normal business hours, you can reach our vehicle telephone service on weekdays from 16:00 - 22:00 and on weekends and public holidays from 08:00 - 22:00 by calling the following number:
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Freedom on four wheels: Travel carefree and barrier-free!

Sometimes the vehicles on the lifts in the PARAVAN mobility park are a little larger. The trend towards motorhomes does not stop at customers with disabilities and a vacation in an adapted motorhome is becoming increasingly popular with wheelchair users and the options are highly individual and varied. PARAVAN will be presenting the barrier-free Morelo Palace 90 LS at the CMT vacation and travel trade fair at Messe Stuttgart from January 13 to 21, 2024 at the MORELO Reisemobile GmbH stand in Hall 2, Booth 2B14.

Whether wheelchair-accessible lift and ramp systems, a door widening or a barrier-free interior, adapted sanitary facilities - the mobility experts at PARAVAN usually find the optimal and individual solution for the customer's symptoms. It is also possible to adapt the input devices, such as equipping the vehicle with the Space Drive driving and steering system, pedal raisers or hand knobs.

"Requests are increasing," say the mobility experts from the Swabian Alb. "There is a great need to be able to travel independently and we have the experience and possibilities to offer solutions and implement them on site," says Joachim Glück, Head of Technical Consulting at PARAVAN GmbH. He and his team support customers from initial contact through to delivery. Conversion measures can also be carried out regardless of brand and model.

In addition to adapting the interior, access to the vehicle, which is usually somewhat higher, is an important issue. For wheelchair users, the tried-and-tested cassette lift solution in combination with a door widening, which has already been integrated into a caravan with rear access, is ideal. Another option for people with restricted mobility who have difficulty getting into their motorhome but can still cover short distances on foot: the universal PARAVAN "EStep light" standing step lift for motorhomes or the "EStep comfort" as a transfer solution. The lift is installed in the interior to save space and can be swiveled into the entry or exit position in just a few simple steps. The lift function can be conveniently activated by remote control. A special grab handle provides the necessary safety on the non-slip platform.

Doris motorhome, for example, required a pedal raiser and a raised cushion for the driver's seat. Now she can grip the steering wheel with complete ease. "I really enjoy driving when we're on the road," says Doris. The administrative assistant, who is only 1.38 meters tall, went on a trip around Europe with her partner last May. The two want to take turns during the trip. They took a year off: Benelux, Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic states, Poland, Germany, southern Italy, Greece Peloponnese & Athens, Switzerland and Austria. The two have now covered over 15,000 kilometers with their motorhome and 5,755 kilometers with the motorcycle, which was transported in a trailer.

"We had wonderful experiences with campers from all over the world and especially with the locals," reports Doris. For her, the conversion means: "The freedom and also the security of being able to drive when I want to or when I have to, i.e. in an emergency." A family in Sweden was confronted with a situation like this, where the sole driver dropped out and the wife was stuck with the motorhome. "That confirmed that I had done everything right with the PARAVAN pedal extension." They will soon be heading south, to France, Portugal and Spain and, if the situation permits, to Morocco. And the next camping season is sure to come. Further information at Barrierefrei Mobil.


Visit us at the CMT vacation and travel trade fair at Messe Stuttgart from January 13 to 21, 2024 at the MORELO Reisemobile GmbH booth in Hall 2, Booth 2B14. Take a look at the barrier-free Morelo Palace 90 LS motorhome for yourself. The special feature of this conversion: the “EStep comfort” entry aid. This makes it easier to enter and transfer from the wheelchair into the motorhome while seated. An SWL lift has also been installed in the rear compartment for loading the wheelchair. Our mobility consultants will be on site to answer any questions you may have about your individual motorhome conversion.

We are still working hard on the accessibility of the Morelo Palace 90 LS. With the help of the "PARAVAN EStep comfort", it will in future be possible to drive up through the entrance door using the lift and swing up to the table directly in the lift seat or transfer from there to the standard seats. Photo: PARAVAN
Doris and her partner went on a European tour with their motorhome this year and thanks to pedal raisers and seat modifications, she can also sit behind the wheel at any time. The two of them have now covered a good 15,000 kilometers. Photo: PARAVAN
Whether it's a door extension or a rail system on the ceiling, there are many options for adaptation. This makes it possible for people with disabilities to go on a relaxed camper vacation. Photo: PARAVAN
A major hurdle for motorhomes is getting into the vehicle, but thanks to the cassette lift and door widening, this is no problem at all. Photo: PARAVAN
The universal PARAVAN "EStep light" step-on standing lift or the "EStep comfort" transfer solution is the ideal solution for anyone who has difficulty getting into the vehicle but is not necessarily dependent on a wheelchair inside. Photo: PARAVAN
Being dependent on a wheelchair and sitting at the wheel yourself - that's no problem either! The Space Drive driving and steering system with its individual control units for accelerator, steering and brakes can also be installed in a motorhome, for example, and the same applies to all other control units. And a wheelchair user can also sit in the passenger seat at any time. Thanks to the PARAVAN docking station, this is possible with the PARAVAN PR 50 in just a few simple steps. Photo: PARAVAN
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Travel carefree and barrier-free!

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