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Outside normal business hours, you can reach our vehicle telephone service on weekdays from 16:00 - 22:00 and on weekends and public holidays from 08:00 - 22:00 by calling the following number:
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Outside normal business hours, you can reach our wheelchair telephone service on weekdays from 16:00 - 22:00 and on weekends and public holidays from 08:00 - 22:00 by calling the following number:
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Versatile PARAVAN electric wheelchair range

Suitable for every application area

From the children's supply, to the functional all-rounder wheelchair with standing, reclining and edging functions, to the heavyweight Heavy Duty - agile, compact, and modularly designed, developed to meet the needs of customers. In the meantime, the PARAVAN wheelchair range has grown to eight models. With the various possibilities for use, users are mobile, on the road with the wheelchair in leisure time or at the workplace and with the PARAVAN PR 50 additionally in the car, as a driver's seat.

For the user, his power wheelchair is as important as a well-broken-in pair of shoes. It must be absolutely reliable and suitable for everyday use, as well as individually adapted to the specific clinical picture and life situation. In addition to individual mobility solutions for the vehicle, PARAVAN GmbH develops electric wheelchairs for very different target groups. The first model was the PR 50, an integral part of the end-to-end PARAVAN mobility concept starting with the entry into the vehicle, through the driver's seat - in this case the PR 50, approved according to StVZO § 35a - to the Space Drive driving and steering system with completely different input devices.

"Wheelchair development is closely geared to the individual needs of our customers," says Stefan Ludwig, head of wheelchair systems at PARAVAN GmbH. "Development takes place in dialogue. We have had very good experience with this, for example in the revision of our all-rounder model PR 30/II, as well as with the children's models." The flexible seat shell concepts, which were also developed by the PARAVAN wheelchair experts, can be customized very well. Special construction is always possible with a view to the different complaint patterns.

The PR 25, PR 35 and PR 35S children's wheelchairs, for example, have a seat concept that grows with the child (K110/K120). Once they have been adapted in terms of seating comfort and the necessary functions, they can "grow along" over the years. The up to 30 percent smaller chassis of the PR 35 series also makes the wheelchairs extremely agile. The children's models are equipped with extremely quiet actuators. Additional electric functions, such as lift, seat tilt, stand-up and recline functions, allow them to be optimally adapted to the children's living environment, whether at daycare, school or at home. "Inquiries from the childcare sector have increased in recent years," says Stefan Ludwig. "This has motivated us to develop wheelchairs specially adapted to the needs of this age group and to train our consultants very specifically in this area." This means that children's fittings can be covered that are otherwise difficult to implement optimally.

With the PR 40 and the PR 35/S for children, there are also two interestingly priced standing wheelchair models with biometric gliding backs, starting at a height of 110 centimeters, in addition to the PR Biolution standing and therapy wheelchair. The change of position by sitting, tilting, lying, standing or driving enables the user to get relief from the static sitting posture, as well as from the lower back. It can provide for activation of the cardiovascular or lymphatic system, bladder and bowel function, digestion, or serve to stretch muscles, as well as assist in contracture prophylaxis or spasm reduction. "Therapy goals can thus be achieved more easily and quickly in the overall interdisciplinary concept," says the wheelchair expert.

All models have an armrest that can be adjusted up to 12 times - individually adaptable with different arm pads. This also applies to the color scheme of the trim from dino green, to red, to elegant matte black. The wheelchairs are equipped with different R-Net joystick controls and can be further customized depending on the symptoms - whether with head or chin control. A pushing aid can also be fitted should the user no longer be able to drive themselves..

All wheelchairs are manufactured in Germany. "This allows us to realize short delivery times, averaging around four weeks," says Ludwig. Five sales representatives, including Simon Derrer and Matthias Enneper - two rehab child experts - support sales in Germany, which is mainly handled by cooperating medical supply stores.

PARAVAN GmbH has already had wheelchairs in its product portfolio since 2008. "This is a very important component for our 360-degree approach of supplying everything from a single source," says Joachim Glück, head of vehicle sales. "Together with the PARAVAN wheelchair team, we can offer a total solution, from the adapted vehicle, to the way into the vehicle, the appropriate adaptation to drive the vehicle independently, to the customized wheelchair solution."

PARAVAN power wheelchairs are reliable companions from infancy to old age, with a wide range of applications. All models also have a medical aid number and can therefore be prescribed as normal via a prescription. Further information and contact persons on the Internet at PARAVAN-Wheelchairs.

The PARAVAN wheelchair family comprises eight models, from the PR 25 with which you can get right down to the floor, to the compact PR 35/ PR 35 S children's wheelchair, the solutions for adults with PR 30/II, the PR 40 standing wheelchair, PR 50 as a driver's seat, PR Biolution as a standing and therapy wheelchair, and the Heavy Duty, Photo: PARAVAN
The PARAVAN PR 35 for the focus on sitting, tilting and mobility is designed for indoor use and the extended living environment. It is already possible to care for the smallest children from a seat width of 16 centimeters. The PR 35/S stand-up wheelchair focuses on the functions of standing, lying, changing position, and also on mobility in indoor and extended living environments. The standing function, equipped with a biometric sliding back, is possible from a minimum height of 110 centimeters, photo PARAVAN.
The PARAVAN PR 50 marked the beginning of wheelchair development. The high-end wheelchair for adults has EU approval as a car driver's seat and is crash tested. With the accompanying docking station and the reinforced underbody, driving becomes a safe pleasure. The 3-point or 4-point harness system is also integrated into the seat. In addition, it is equipped with seat length adjustment (up to 180 mm forwards and backwards), tilt inclination (up to 50 degrees backwards and 20 degrees forwards) and a lift function, as well as a multifunctional control system in two variants. Powerful 2 x 300 watt motors drive the wheelchair. Optionally with six or ten km/h, with a battery range of approx 30 kilometers, photo: PARANAN
The popular PARAVAN PR 30/II all-rounder was updated last year and features a modular system. It can be equipped with extensive additional medical functions and can thus be individually adapted to the respective symptoms. The power wheelchair with rear axle suspension is equipped with low-noise actuators and the K 620 seating system. In addition, the PR 30/II has a comfortable range of up to 50 kilometers. The powerful motor technology also allows a user weight of up to 200 kilograms. The wheelchair has a lift function, with a lifting height of up to 30 centimeters, and is equipped with an optional edging function, photo: PARAVAN
In addition to classic childcare, the PARAVAN PR 25 is also an interface solution in the youth/adult sector. With the completely lowerable seating unit as a unique selling point, even the youngest children in childcare, for example, can participate in ground-level play at eye level and do not have to look down on the action from above, photo PARAVAN.
The PARAVAN PR-Biolution is the premium model in the wheelchair portfolio. The standing, nursing and therapy chair for adults and adolescents has a standing, lying, sitting, lift and tilt function. This enables a stand-up function directly from the lying and sitting position. In addition, the Biolution has innovative biometric joints in the hip and knee area. The innovative wheelchair was developed by PARAVAN engineers in close cooperation with renowned physicians, patients and therapists. The biometric joints ensure perfect balance of the aid, which was developed in accordance with strict medical technology guidelines, photo PARAVAN.
The PARAVAN PR 40 completes the wheelchair portfolio as a standing wheelchair for adults & adolescents. It is equipped with a standing, lying and tilting function and thus also has an important area of application in the field of therapy and guarantees more independence at the workplace. With a width of only 640 millimeters, it is very maneuverable. A rear axle suspension provides the necessary driving comfort and has an optimal price-performance ratio in this segment, photo: PARAVAN
The PR Heavy Duty is the heavyweight in the PARAVAN wheelchair range. The electric wheelchair for adults is individually manufactured according to requirements. With a load capacity of up to 300 kilograms, the Heavy Duty is one of the strongest wheelchairs. Its wider chassis makes it particularly suitable for obese people. It also has an extended wheelbase a reinforced chassis and wider seats, with a width of up to 70 centimeters. A multifunctional control system in several variants ensures maximum flexibility, photo PARAVAN.
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