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Car rental barrier-free:

PARAVAN delivers another 20 VW Caddy Maxi for handicap users to car rental company Avis

From the children's supply, to the functional all-rounder wheelchair with standing, reclining and edging functions, to the heavyweight Heavy Duty - agile, compact, and modularly designed, developed to meet the needs of customers. In the meantime, the PARAVAN wheelchair range has grown to eight models. With the various possibilities for use, users are mobile, on the road with the wheelchair in leisure time or at the workplace and with the PARAVAN PR 50 additionally in the car, as a driver's seat.

Accessible car replenishment for Avis car rental; A total of 20 new VW Caddy 5 Maxi will leave the yard of PARAVAN Mobility Park by the end of March and start their journey to Avis rental stations all over Germany.

The vehicle offered by Avis is not just a ride-sharing or transport solution. Drivers with a handicap - depending on their medical condition - thus have the possibility to rent a vehicle as a driver. All vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission, an accelerator ring behind the steering wheel and a brake lever to operate the foot brake. The auxiliary system can be completely deactivated at the touch of a button. "The vehicle is ideally suited for drivers with handicaps who can still operate a steering wheel independently with their arms, for wheelchair users and families," says Norbert Peschke, who is responsible for the rental and used car business at PARAVAN. "It doesn't always have to be a new vehicle - sometimes a rental car or used car suitable for the disabled is sufficient." Requests for more specialized mobility solutions can also be covered directly by PARAVAN GmbH upon request.

In addition, all vehicles are equipped with a PARAVAN aluminum folding ramp with a lowered floor in the rear of the vehicle. This allows a wheelchair user with an active or electric wheelchair to ride along without any problems. The wheelchair is secured with a universal wheelchair restraint system based on the power knot system. No further adjustment is necessary for quick and flexible fastening. The passenger is strapped in via an integrated three-point belt, which is also provided in the vehicle.

In addition, the accessible VW Caddy Maxi is equipped with a navigation system and the "Park Distance Control" parking aid. The accessible rental car offers space to comfortably transport a wheelchair user and five other people and is therefore particularly suitable for families.

Avis Car Rental and PARAVAN have been working together successfully for 15 years. As early as 2007, there was a first joint trade fair appearance at the REHAB in Karlsruhe. Since 2010, the converted PARAVAN VW Caddy Maxi have been an integral part of the Avis fleet. "The offer is aimed at both active and passive drivers. It is important to offer the service nationwide in Germany so that people with handicaps can also be mobile without problems and receive a vehicle quickly and reliably," says Alexander Schuricht, General Manager of Avis Budget Car Rental Germany. "This creates equal opportunities for self-determined mobility." PARAVAN GmbH has now already converted almost 300 vehicles for Avis.

The application possibilities are various, whether for long-term renting as an alternative to purchasing a vehicle, as rented cars for business travelers with handicap or as an intermediate solution up to the receipt of a new vehicle, journeys to the hospital, old people's home or nursing home or for example as a replacement vehicle in case of a car accident with a handicap vehicle. The vehicles can be booked at over 70 stations in Germany. Reservations are made via the Avis website:

Customer consultant Norbert Peschke is the first point of contact at PARAVAN for car rentals and for used car purchases, Photo: PARAVAN
The VW Caddy Maxi 5 is equipped with a rear ramp and the corresponding attachments. This means that a wheelchair user can ride in the vehicle without any problems - whether active or power wheelchair, Photo: PARAVAN
The vehicle is also suitable for handicapped passengers who can still move their arms. Thanks to the accelerator ring and brake lever, they can drive the vehicle independently, Photo: PARAVAN
Also on board the barrier-free VW Caddy Maxi 5 for Avis is a complete wheelchair fastening system based on the power-knot principle as well as a three-point belt for the passenger in the wheelchair, Photo: PARAVAN
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Car rental barrier-free: PARAVAN delivers 20 VW Caddy 5 Maxi to Avis

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