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Emergency service
Special campaign COVID-19


Living in times of Covid-19 - PARAVAN customers have their say

Almost 13 million people with disabilities live in Germany, according to the current participation report. And Covid-19 restricts these people much more than people without any prior impairment. They often belong to the risk group. How are you dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic these days? What does social distancing mean to you in everyday life? We have asked our customers these questions and more and have created the hashtag #MobileWithDistance. With this campaign we want to offer a forum where you can share your opinions and experiences with COVID-19 with others. We have already received some interesting statements, which we will publish here on the site and in our social media channels in the near future. We are looking forward to your feedback! Take care of yourself and stay #MobileWithDistance and above all healthy.

"We are aware of our responsibility to continue to be there for our customers. Especially in this situation, it is important that people with a weak immune system can remain mobile and do not depend even more on outside help.“

Roland Arnold, Owner and Managing Director PARAVAN GmbH
Customer statements on COVID-19

How are you dealing with the current situation?

Here you will find some interesting statements and opinions of our customers on the topic of coronavirus. What is the current situation like for you? How are you currently coping with your everyday life? Just send us a message with your experiences, stories and opinions with the subject #MobileWithDistance. You can also send us a picture or a small video to the following email address:


We will be happy to publish your stories here on the site and with the #MobileWithDistance on our social media channels. We are looking forward to your statements.

"The Corona virus is currently making me feel a little like I'm in a movie."

Janis McDavid, Speaker/ World Explorer and PARAVAN Brand Ambassador
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"As for all people in this world, I too am deeply shocked by the current situation. As a risk group, I have been in complete isolation since 16 March."

Eleni Fischer, Employee of the JobCenter Rhein-Sieg
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"I sense danger to life and fear of death. People on external respiration are particularly at risk. Many do not leave the house at all."

Heinrich Buschmann, Board of the Association "Mobile despite physical disabilities"
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"To be honest, I took the whole thing with Covid-19 lightly in the beginning. I only knew the word pandemic from textbooks..."

Anita Raguwaran, Radiologist
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"We have decided to return from Spain early, as the health care in Germany is better. I've been driving for 25 hours..."

Christian Nachtwey, 7 times German Champion in ParaGolf and developer of ParaMotion
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"...the border is closed between Germany and Switzerland. For me this means a big restriction of my freedom of movement."

Bruno Haßler, Paralympics winner in table tennis / Pensioner
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"My daily routine is a bit boring without tasks. For me, this is a time of total adjustment..."

Willi Rudolf, Honorary chairman of the regional association for self-help of physically disabled persons in Baden-Württemberg
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"For two weeks I have been working exclusively in the home office. Because of my muscle disease I belong to the risk group..."

Boris Nicolai qualified for the Paralympics in Tokio / Mechanical Engineer
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"The virus is dangerous for me because of my weak lungs. Fortunately I am at home and can isolate myself well."

Luca Arca, Medical Product Engineer
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COVID-19 (Corona virus)


Due to the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) problem and the associated nationwide efforts to minimize the spread of the virus, we have taken precautions at PARAVAN and reorganized our operations in the best possible way. The protection of the health of our customers, guests, employees and suppliers is most important to us. We have therefore taken extensive measures to minimise the risk for all parties involved and yet still enable ongoing operations. You can reach a mobility consultant and service staff between 8:00 and 17:00 German time (UTC+1). Larger adjustment work and on-site consultation are unfortunately only possible to a very limited extent at the moment and in case of an emergency..

In addition, we maintain production by introducing alternating shifts. Please understand that despite our precautions, unavoidable restrictions in our service offer can and will occur.

Before visiting us at PARAVAN Mobility Park Aichelau or our Heidelberg branch office, please always contact our mobility or service advisors by telephone first. You will find the relevant contact numbers here:


Together we can master this difficult challenge. Let us be considerate of each other and keep our distance! Thank you very much for your understanding and above all: Stay healthy!